Building Social Value through Double Glazing

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Social Value

stronger, safer, happier.

Cosyseal believes that it is incumbent on all businesses to share their success with their local communities in order to build stronger, safer, happier homes for everybody.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We fund projects that support local communities, create new opportunities and make our neighbourhoods even better places to live. We’re proud to adhere to a strict environmental policy that we have followed for many years. We go out of our way to source materials locally, we recycle old windows, glass and offcuts and have an ambitious aim to be carbon neutral by March 2025.

Employment and Training

Employment & Training

In an organisation such as ours it is important to recognise and value our workforce. In order for us to maintain the required standard of customer service a planned and systematic approach to workforce training and development needs to be in place.

In the modern competitive environment, employees need to replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills to do their jobs better. This will benefit both them and the company. We want them to feel confident about improving efficiency and productivity, as well as finding new ways towards personal development and success.

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Cosyseal employs a number of apprentices from the local communities, where we give those candidates the opportunity to learn skills with the choice to progress into a career in glazing.

Our Apprenticeship Programme offers the opportunity to work on our on-site facilities and work alongside our in-house Installers, Engineers and Surveyors.

Our current target is to achieve a minimum of 5% apprentices across our overall workforce.


  • On the job training.
  • A head-start into the field.
  • Recognised qualification.
  • The choice to advance onto full-time employment with us.

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Working in the community

Working in the community

Building strong connections with our partners helps to accelerate change. Take a look at some of our latest community projects.

Community Projects



Cosyseal Building Product’s Environmental Management System has been accredited by the British Standards Institute against the requirements of ISO 14001 for the last five years, which qualifies us for demonstrating a constant reduction in waste and efficient use of our energy..

We are all responsible for our interactions with the environment and our contribution to protect the climate. We work hard by doing our part to reduce the amount of waste by focusing on recycling old doors and windows. We have a designated member of staff who is responsible for the company’s recycling. All Wood, Glass and UPVC is separated and recycled. Our long-term aspiration is for Cosyseal is to become carbon neutral by 2025.


Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Since coming into force in October 2010 this legislation is probably the least understood and most widely misrepresented. We understand that effective communication is an essential part of the customer experience and we have taken steps to understand minority cultures and faith communities.

The Act is phrased in due to its complex and overarching legal framework, and simplifies, strengthens and harmonises the current legislation to provide Britain with a new discrimination law, which protects individual from unfair treatment and promotes a fair and equal society.

As an organisation we are aware of the importance of this Act in relation to clients and staff and to the good governance of the organisation generally.

We recognise the importance of respecting the beliefs of our clients, employees and customers and we will always aim to schedule works outside of the dates of religious events and festivals.

The interfaith Calendar is an important resource within our organisation. Click on the link below to view it, click here.

How can we help?

How can we help?

As well as investing in projects that bring out the best in local communities, we also offer additional support to organisations who share our own long-term goals of challenging persistent complex problems.

We value our partner relationships and know that building stronger connections will help us take a joined-up approach so we can deploy resources more efficiently and speed change.

Are we a good match?

Are we a good match?

We want to create vibrant, sustainable local communities with a bright future, and it’s important that the organisations we support can contribute to this. That’s why we invest in projects that catalyse change and make a practical difference to local peoples’ lives.

At the same time, we’re flexible enough to look outside our normal funding criteria when a different route might bring a greater impact.

We like to understand the outcomes of the work we fund – even if things don’t quite go to plan. With regular, honest feedback we can fine-tune our focus so we’re able to be more targeted and more effective.

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