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Frequently asked Questions

Welcome to the F.A.Q section

We're here to answer any questions you have and find the perfect doors and windows for your home

  1. What are the styles of doors I can choose from?

    Cosyseal offer a range of door styles to choose from. The choices are as follows:

    • uPVC Front/Back Doors

      Our uPVC front and back doors come in a range of styles and are manufactured to the highest standards. They are manufactured to be extremely thermally-efficient and are virtually maintenance free as they won’t fade or discolour. All our doors are manufactured with security in mind and come with the latest lock mechanisms giving you state-of-the-art security. There's a range of design options to suit you with a great choice of colours (more than 18 available, there are also various handle options and also glass panels available in different styles.

    • Composite Front/Back Doors

      Regiment Composite - doors are extremely strong, maintenance free, have fantastic security features and are weather resistant. Our doors are accredited by Secured by Design, a UK Police initiative for safer homes. Our composite doors are 44mm thick compared with uPVC doors being 28mm and are manufactured with a high density, thermally efficient closed cell core. Our range of composite doors allows you to choose from 20 styles with unlimited colour options available (see below). There's also a range of door furniture and hardware. You can also choose glass inlay options to provide you with the perfect entrance to your home.

    • French Doors

      French Doors - are a fantastic way to open up your room to the garden in the summer and provide a great view in winter from the comfort of your home with their superior thermal efficiency. With a great range of colours and styles to choose from you can have the classic French doors installed in your home but with the added security features and benefits of the latest advancements in frame materials and construction.

    • Patio Doors

      Sliding Patio Doors - provide another great way of opening up the space between your home and garden with the added benefit of not needing any space to allow for externally opening doors. The doors are available in Aluminium and uPVC and come in a range of colours. Doors can also be provided in WarmCore - Warm Aluminium offering superior energy efficiency during the winter months.

  2. How many days it will take to replace windows to my home?

    As a rule of thumb Cosyseal installs 5-8 windows per day dependent upon the type of window and type of property construction. You can expect your work to be undertaken swiftly and professionally by our directly employed window installers.

  3. What colours are your doors and windows available in?

    Cosyseal has 13 uPVC woodgrain colours and many different RAL colours to choose from. All of our doors are available in a large range of colours, allowing you to match the colour to that of your home’s decor, inside and out; you can even select a colour combination with one colour for the inside and a different colour for the outside.

    From standard colours, such as white, black and grey to the more modern on trend gun metal grey and soft natural green. We can also match to exacting colour requirements but this will have an effect on lead time and costs.

  4. What guarantees do you provide?

    We take the business of home improvements very seriously which is why we have acquired accreditations from bodies such as Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA).

    With more than over 50,000 windows & doors replacements within the past 20 years, you are covered by our guarantee at any time, and it is important that we get things right first time. While we’re confident that you won’t need to use your guarantee, after 20 years in business, you can be sure that we’ll be here to keep our promises if you ever did and because our guarantees are covered by insurance, unlike many other home improvements companies, if we ceased trading your window and door guarantees would remain valid.

    These are the guarantees we offer:

    • A 10-year guarantee on parts and labour for all our windows & doors replacement
    • A 10-year guarantee on all our gas-filled sealed units.
    • An insurance-backed guarantee on all windows and doors covering the cost of partial or complete repair, rebuilding or rectification, in line with our own 10 year guarantee is provided to you.
    • We meet or exceed all industry standards and are fully compliant with all relevant industry bodies, including the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA), which ensures installations comply with Building Regulations for England and Wales
    • We’ll be around for a long time to come but, even if we’re not, your guarantees will still stand.
  5. What happens to my old windows?

    We are proud to adhere to a strict environmental policy that we have followed for many years. We go out of our way to recycle old windows, glass and offcuts.

  6. Can you manufacture bespoke windows & doors?

    Cosyseal double glazed windows & doors are truly bespoke. Each casement window is individually made with your choice of colour, configuration and glass as follows:

    • Double glazing with 4/20/4 toughened Pilkington hermetically sealed units to meet requirements of ALL Building Regulations
    • Frames fully reinforced
    • ‘Fire Escape’ push bar opening systems
    • Cylinder key lock operation. Anti-finger traps
    • Hold open closure. Thumb turn cylinder
    • Low aluminium ramp threshold
    • Energy efficient can help reduce your heating bills.
  7. Aluminium vs. uPVC?

    Aluminium is fast overtaking uPVC as home owner’s first choice for new windows and doors on their homes. But why? Why is aluminium more popular than uPVC and what are the benefits of modern aluminium frames over uPVC?

    • Modern Thermal Break Technology
    • Durable and Lightweight Aluminium Frames
    • Easy to Maintain Window and Door Frames
    • Slim Aluminium Framing
    • Any Colour You Want
    • Contemporary Window Designs
    • Peace of Mind Security
    • Cross Climate Weather Protection

    For the majority of homeowners, four factors come into play when you are looking to buy new windows and doors; weather performance, energy efficiency, security and quality. They are several benefits that aluminium can offer over uPVC.

    First of all, aluminium is an extremely robust and flexible metal framing material. The use of aluminium for new windows and doors creates frames that are a lot more resistant to weathering and its strong nature creates windows and doors with improved levels of security.

    Due to the strong yet light weight nature of aluminium you can create much slimmer frames than you can with uPVC. This means you can form windows and doors that can hold large and heavy pieces of glass to create a large window opening or patio door with very thin framing.

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