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Careers at Cosyesal Double Glazing

Vacancies / Jobs & careers:

I. What we offer:

II. Employment:

Here at Cosyseal we believe employment opportunities are important as it allows individuals to build confidence and self-esteem, contributes to happiness and rewards us financially. Employment challenges us and enables us to develop ourselves whilst contributing to our mental health and wellbeing.

We as an organisation strongly believe in a ‘Customer Service Lead’ therefore we are committed to investing in our staffs’ personal development, through improving the quality of our in-house training for all our employees. Equipping our staff with high standard training, enables our engineers/operatives to work best with our residents through supporting their needs, tailoring our service accordingly and deliver exceptional customer care.

III. Apprenticeship:

Cosyseal employs a number of apprentices from the local communities, where we give those candidates the opportunity to learn skills with the choice to progress into a career in Double Glazing. Apprentice’s help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen industry.

The nature of an apprentice offers hands-on training alongside class-room based study giving individuals a real chance to put your skills into practice and helps you to gain more confidence in a working environment.

What will you gain?

We aim to provide high-quality training and relevant experience to facilitate career progression and stable long-term employment.


IV. Work Experience:

Cosyseal are committed to take on individuals who have an interest in Double Glazing. We believe it’s important to help individuals gain industry knowledge to best prepare them for full time work. In addition, work experience gives individuals an insight into the field of work and develops their general business awareness.

What will you gain?

At Cosyseal, we are always keen to find talented, ambitions and driven people to join our team. See below to find out more…


Job Title: Business Analyst

Role & responsibilities:

  • Assess the functions, objectives and requirements of the client seeking advice;
  • Identify problems concerned with business strategy, policy, organisation, procedures, methods and markets;
  • Determine the appropriate method of data collection and research methodology, analyses and interpret information gained and formulate and implement recommendations and solutions;
  • Advise the management in light of research findings;
  • Runs training sessions or address external vendors to present results of the findings;

Gross Salary: £ 32,000 p.a.

Qualification & experience required: Successful applicant will have either a degree or equivalent qualification and/or relevant experience Expertise data management DBMS, data maintenance on SQL, DICOM format would be an advantage.


Job Title: Window Fabricator & Fitters

Role & responsibilities:

  • Examine drawings or specifications to determine job requirements;
  • Score plain, coloured, safety and ornamental glass with hand cutter and break off glass by hand or with pliers;
  • Smoothe edges of glass and positions and secures in frame or grooved lead strips;
  • Apply mastic, putty or adhesive between glass and frame and trim off excess with knife;
  • Fix mirror panels to interior and exterior walls and repairs and replaces broken glass;

Gross Salary: £ 21,200 p.a.

Qualification & experience required: Successful applicant will have previous experience as glass cutter, window fabricator.

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